Ever since Amber was a little girl animals were always finding her, or as her mother would say, she was always finding them. In 2014, Amber decided she was ready for a change from her cosmetology career. She has been with Schwenksville Vet since September 2015. She is known around the office as the “golden lover.” When Amber is not at work, she spends all of her time with her husband and son. She is always looking to rescue a special needs pet. Her heart is always in the right place no matter how much time a pet is given.  Amber currently has six dogs, Oscar, Thor, Thea, Tilly, Thanos, and Tango two cats, Bubbles, and Abby, three fainting goats, Boo, Mr. Frederickson, and Kevin, as well as a horse named Dixie. 




Kristin has always had a desire to be in the veterinary field. She attended Cedar Crest College, where she studied in human medicine. After working 10 years in the health care field she decided it was time for a change. In Kristin’s spare time she enjoys making people laugh and spending time with her family, including her husband and son. Her family also consist of three dogs, Coco, Chanel, and Oakley as well as three cats, Dakota, Blitzen, and Lexi.



Jen has always had the urge to help people. She started her career in the health care field 10 years ago working with dementia patients. Jen decided she wanted to work with animals as well as people, so she joined Schwenksville Vet in 2018. When Jen is not at work, she loves spending time with her boyfriend and daughter Olyvia, who is a ball of energy. Jen also has a Shepherd mix rescue pup named Sandy. 


Kelly was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area but has been a resident of Schwenksville since 1993. After leaving her career in the Drug Abuse/Mental Health field, she fully changed course and has been working in the veterinary field since 2010. When not at work, Kelly spends most of her time walking on the Perkiomen Trail with her dogs. She shares her home with her 6 small dogs, Lorelai, Pepe, Tony, Tulip, Mama Bella, and Poppy.