A complete and balanced diet is essential to maintain your pet’s overall health. It is also important for pets to maintain a healthy and ideal weight.

There are many reasons why a pet gains or loses weight. Sometimes weight change is due to underlying issues or from over or under feeding. Our doctors can help you determine the reason behind weight gain or loss.

Our staff can put together a daily calorie count. This count will be based on all of the food that is consumed by your pet (treats, people food, etc). It is very important that you are honest with the food your pet is consuming. Even the tiniest bit of food can change your pet’s calorie count.

Here at Schwenksville Vet we carry a full line of prescription foods by Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets . Purina is prescribed based upon your pet’s needs. Click here for home delivery services. You will need to enter our clinic ID 4UKVS.

**We are still able to special order Royal Canin. Please be aware that a 4 week notice is needed due to shipping. Call the office with any questions or concerns.**