We have been patiently waiting for the moment when we could start to allow you back into the building. We know the pandemic is not over, therefore, we have developed a plan to keep exposure at a minimum while letting you (2 people) accompany your pet(s) for examinations. We will continue to offer scheduled curbside appointments for those who prefer this option.

Medication and prescription food pick-ups will still be curbside.

When you arrive for your pet’s appointment, you will still need to call to inform us of your arrival. A receptionist will then direct you to either come into the building or remain in your car until a room become available. Mask are now optional.

Our plan for reopening is based off what seems appropriate to our building and staff size. We, as always, want to keep everyone safe and have the right to refuse anyone who does not wish to comply with our regulations.  We will update you if there are any changes to this policy.

Thank you for all the support you have shown us.


Schwenksville Vet